Needle Spot is all about needle arts.

This platform consist of groups and each group is run by a different individual. Some groups are open to anyone to join and some groups require a request to join. It is VERY IMPORTANT to read the description of a group before asking to join.  It provides information about the group like its purpose and/or requirements to join it.

Why not form a group to share your love of a needle art?

Whether you are looking for a forum for your private group of crafty friends, or want to build an open community of people who are as devoted about needlework as you are; Needle Spot is the perfect nesting place to call your home.

Groups are easy to set up and if you have any questions, we are here.

Just click Create a Group at https://needlespot.com/groups/

The terms are pretty simple.

  • Group must be about some kind of needle art.
  • You may not use your group for promotions (ex: a contest or sweepstakes).
  • You may not collect data from the members in your group.
  • Your group icon must not include third-party products, brands or sponsors.
  • If you would like to set up a pay group, contact us.

And then on a final note: I would say – “we can’t wait to see what kind of a group you create“.

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