General Information

Needle Spot (NS) is all about needle arts.

This platform consist of groups and each group is run by a different individual. Some groups are open to anyone to join and some groups require a request to join. It is VERY IMPORTANT to read the description of a group before asking to join.  It provides information about the group like its purpose and/or requirements (possibly a fee) to join it.

Creating Groups

Why not form a group to share your love of a needle art?

Whether you are looking for a forum for your private group of crafty friends, or want to build an open community of people who are as devoted about needlework as you are; NS is the perfect nesting place to call your home.

Groups are easy to set up and if you have any questions, we are here.

Just click Create a Group at https://needlespot.com/groups/

The terms are pretty simple.

  • Group must be about some kind of needle art.
  • You may not use your group for promotions (ex: a contest or sweepstakes).
  • You may not collect data from the members in your group.
  • Your group icon must not include third-party products, brands or sponsors.
  • If you would like to set up a pay group, contact us.

You can join the Group Organizer’s Help group with help to setup and maintaining a group.

And then on a final note: I would say – “we can’t wait to see what kind of a group you create“.

Why Buttons?

Buttons are sometimes required to join some groups created by the creator of NS.

Note From the NS Creator: I spend much of my time and money in developing NS and the workshops that I present.  There is time creating and documenting a pattern.  There is cost in having technical editors, grammar editors, and testers to make sure a pattern is the best it can be.  There is time to run a workshop for a pattern.  There is also the monthly cost just to have NS live. – Cindy Mccoy

With that said, the button system is used to help keep NS online and provide some compensation for the time spend to keep it active.  You can read more about buttons at https://needlespot.com/buttons/.

The Questions to Register

When registering to NS, there are many questions to answer.  Below is the reason for those questions.

First and Last Name: It is good to know who is visiting NS. Unless it is toggled public, this information is for the NS administrator only.

Nick: A nick is a unique word that identifies a member at NS and is attached to their activity.  This way other members know who posted or shared a photo.  A nick can be anything that does not use special characters or spaces.  Some feel safer using a nick that may be associated to their personality or something they enjoy as opposed to their real name.  Examples would be CatLady, DogLover, and SewBeIt.  Since the creator of NS fells people should know who she is, her nick is CindyMccoy.

Birthday: A person must be 13 or order to join NS.  Unless it is toggled public, this information is for the NS administrator only.

Gender: Even though we would like to know what gender we are corresponding with, it is optional.

Stitching Questions: The four stitching questions are our first line of defense against spammers.  Social networks are spammer magnets.  The last thing we want is one in our network.  In most cases, a spammer would not be able to answers all the questions.

Your Website:  Some of our members are designers and love to share their website.

Social Networks: If they wish, a member can share what other social networks they have joined.


Peeps help keep NS a safe fun place for everyone.

A good Peep:

  1. visits NS often.
  2. helps when they can.
  3. comments in groups.
  4. greets new members.
  5. reports suspicious activity.

Who can request to be a Peep?

  1. A person that has been a member of NS for at least 6 months.
  2. A member that has at least 1000 needles.

Useful Links

Click here for our terms.

Click here for our privacy policy.

Click here to contact us.

Click here to join NS, a safe and secure site.